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Terracotta Warriors


Terracotta Warriors

Terracotta WarriorsThe Terracotta Warriors located about 35 kilometers east of Xi’an, at the foot of Lishan
Mountain, it was created by the first Emperor of China - Qin Shi Huang (259 BC - 210 BC).
One of the most important rulers in Chinese history.

The Terracotta Warriors was discovered by accident in 1974, when local farmers digging a
well broke into a pit containing 6000 life-size terracotta figures. On the eastern side of the
tomb a number of small pits have been found containing the bones of horses and smaller
size terracotta figures of grooms. Since then discoveries have continued to be made at the
site and to date the remains of nearly 8000 terracotta figures have been recovered.

There are three pits at the Terracotta Warriors Museum, they were Pit1, 2 and 3 respectively
in order of discovery, with a total area of 22,780 square meters and 1,000 life-size terra-
cotta warriors, horses and chariots.

Pit No.1 is in an oblong shape, 230 meters long from east to west, 62 meters wide from
north to south and 5 meters deep, covering an area of 114,260 square meters. The terra-cotta warriors and horses in Pit No.1 are arrayed in a
practical battle formation. In the long corridor to the east end of the pit stand facing east three rows of terracotta warriors in battle tunics and
puttees, 70 in each, totaling 210 altogether. According to estimation, there will be 6,000 warriors and horses in Pit No.1, most of which are

Located 20 meters to the north of the eastern end of Pit No.1, Pit No.2 is L-shaped and consists of four different mixed military forces: infantry,
cavalry, archers and charioteers. It is estimated that there will be over 1,000 pieces of pottery figures, 500 horse-drawn chariots and saddled

Pit No.3 is located 25 meters to the north of Pit No.1 and to the west of Pit No.2. Out of the pit were unearthed one chariot, four terra-cotta horses
and 68 clay armored warriors. To its east there is a sloping entrance, opposite which is a chariot and horse house. On both sides of the house,
there is a winging room, in which were unearthed 64 pottery figurines.

The terracotta warriors are unique. Not only are they life-size and individually modeled in clay, but the detail of the figures is astounding. Not only
can we observe the construction of body armour of terracotta army, with even the heads of rivets standing out, but the soles of the shoes of the
kneeling warriors are modeled with fine tread patterns. The hands and the heads of the terracotta warriors were made separately, and each head
is reputed to be different and individual.


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