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Xi'an tourist attractions
Banpo Ruins is a typical
Yellow River Basin of the
Yangshao culture
matriarchal clan Neolithic
settlement sites, since
between 5600-6700
Both the Bell Tower and the
Drum Tower
were listed as
cultural relics under the
municipal-level protection....
Situated in the Da Ci'en
Temple, about four
kilometers from the urban
center, the Big Wild Goose
is one of the most
famous Buddhist pagodas
in China ...
The construction of the
City Wall of Xi’an was
initiated by Zhu
Yuanzhang, the first
emperor of the Ming
Dynasty, who was in
regime between 1370-
1378 AD..
Xi'an Forest of Stone Tablets
was originally built in 1087.
The Forest of Stone Steles in
Xi'an holds a big collection of
steles in China..
The Great Mosque of Xi'an,
located near the Drum
Tower (Gu Lou) on Huajue
Lane of Xi'an, Shaanxi
province, China, is one of
the oldest and most
renowned mosques in the
The Huaqing Hot Springs
is located about 35
kilometers east of the city
of Xi'an. For centuries
emperors had come here
to bathe and enjoy the
scenic beauty, and...
The Hukou Waterfall, the
second largest waterfall in
China, is located 165
kilometers to the west of Fenxi
City, Shanxi Province...

The Maoling Mausoleum is
located in Maoling Village of
Nanwei Town on the Weibei
altiplano, about 40km north
of Xi'an City in Shaanxi
One of the greatest
discoveries of the last
century occurred in March
1974, near the city of Xian
in the north-central
province of Shaanxi...
At a height of 2,160 meters
above sea level and about
120km east of Xi'an, Huashan
, literally translated as Flower
Mountain, is a sight for sore
The Qianling Tomb is
where the third Tang-
dynasty emperor and his
empress were buried
together. The third emperor
was Li Zhi and his empress
was Empress Wu Zetian...

The Shaanxi History
is situated on
Yan Ta Road in Xi'an City,
Shaanxi Province. It is a
giant architectural
complex in the Tang-
dynasty style...
Situated some 118 kilometers
(73 miles) west of Xi'an, the
Famen Temple will appeal to
travelers who are journeying
west to explore the ancient Silk
Road. ...
The Terracotta Warriors
located about 35 kilometers
east of Xi’an, at the foot of
Lishan Mountain, it was
created by the first Emperor
of China - Qin Shi Huang
(259 BC - 210 BC)...

People who taste Xi'an
Dumpling Banquet
had a deep happy
memory. This is not only
because its beautiful
styles and delicious taste,
but also because it
includes plentiful cultural
Yangling Mausoleum is the
Mausoleum of Liu Qi (188
-141 BC), the fourth emperor
of the Western Han Dynasty,
and his queen. It is located at
Zhanjiawan Village, about 20
kilometers north of Xian City....
Xi’an, the city which was
formerly known as
Chang'an has a very long
history, and was the
imperial capital during 13
dynastic periods. Among

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