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Brief Introduction of World Expo 2010 Shanghai
Brief Introduction of World Expo 2010 Shanghai

World Expo 2010 Shanghai China owns its successful bid for the World Exposition in 2010 to the international community’s support
for and confidence in its reform and opening-up. The exposition will be the first registered World
Exposition in a developing country, which gives expression to the expectations the world’s people place
on China’s future development.

Expo 2010 Shanghai China will be a great event to explore the full potential of urban life in the 21st
century and a significant period in urban evolution. Being the first World Exposition on the theme of city,
Exposition 2010 will attract governments and people from across the world, focus on the theme “Better
City, Better Life”. For its 184 days, participants will display urban civilization to the full extent, exchange
their experiences of urban development, disseminate advanced notions on cities and explore new
approaches to human habitat, lifestyle and working conditions in the new century. It will be not only a trip
for people to look forward to, but also a grand assembly for human beings to create a wonderful future.

Expo 2010 Shanghai China will center on innovation and interaction, Innovation is the soul, while cultural interaction is an important mission of
the World Expositions. Expo 2010 Shanghai China will also be a grand international gathering, we shall endeavor to attract about 200 nations and
international organizations to take part in the exhibition as well as 70 million visitors form home and abroad, ensuring the widest possible
participation in the history of the World Expositions. In addition, Expo 2010 Shanghai China will offer a wonderful opportunity for cross-culture

As an international metropolis, Shanghai will display its glamour to the whole work during the World Expo 2010 Shanghai. The whole world will
be overwhelmed with admiration for Shanghai because of its integration of sightseeing, leisure, holiday and business, convention and exhibition,
the mergence of classics and fashions, the mutual radiance of the Eastern and Western cultures, and the combination of finance, trade, wealth,
actual strength, picturesque scenery and rich life.


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