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The Mascot of the World Expo 2010 Shanghai
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The Mascot of the World Expo 2010 Shanghai

The Mascot of the World Expo 2010 Shanghai

The Mascot of the World Expo 2010 ShanghaiThe mascot of the World Expo 2010 Shanghai is named Haibao, which literally means “treasure of the sea” with
the implied meaning of auspiciousness. In the shape of a Chinese character “人” (human beings), the mascot
is blue in color, which stands for the earth, dreams, sea, the future, science and technology and other elements,
reflecting the characteristics of the Chinese culture, and echoing the theme of the World Expo Shanghai.

The image of the mascot as a whole is succinct. Its curly hair looks like seething waves, displaying its vivid
personality, and indicates the characteristics of its birthplace and the source of its life; its cartoon facial
expression is friendly and full of self-confidence; its large and round eyes express its expectation for the city in
the future; and its round and full body showcases the wonderful feeling for a harmonious life, lively and nifty; the
blue color shows its latitude and imagination, which represents the rising and potential China; its raised thumb
on the fist means that China praises and welcomes friends from all over the world; the large feet standing firmly
on the ground that powerfully support the arms stretching out enthusiastically express that China has the ability
and determination to hold a successful world expo.

The image of the mascot is simple, easy to remember and to communicate. Though it is a single mascot, with the different motions and
costumes, it could also have various appearances.

The mutual support structure of the Chinese character “人” reveals the concept that a happy life will be created by the people’s joint efforts. Only if
all the people in the world support with each other to establish a harmonious relationship between man and nature, man and society and
between the peoples, can the people in the city live a better life.

“Haibao” embodies ideal of the coexistence of different cultures in cities; embodies the appreciation of economic development and environmental
sustainable development; embodies the wish to remodel the city communities, embodies the anticipation of the well-off both urban cities and


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