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Distribution of China Birds

Birding of ChinaA research & study finished in 1987 shows that there are more than 1900 species and
subspecies of birds (both resident and migrants), and most as 689 of them occurring in the
mountain range of southwestern China, 417 in southern Yunnan, and only 78 in Qiangtang
high Plateau (Tibet). 
As it varies in province, the richest in species number is Yunnan as 802 species, and 2nd is
Sichuan as 628 species of birds, 3rd Guizhou as 417 species of birds.
The distribution area for breeding species and subspecies as follow (area name and location
area, species, % in China):
Northeastern China
Daxing Anling Mountain range: 215  11.38%
Changbaishan mountain range: 242  12.81%
Northern China
Yellow River & Huaihe plain: 149  7.89%
Huangtu (Yellow Earth) Plaetau: 230  12.18%
Xinjiang & Inner Mongolia
Eastern Grassland: 167  8.84%
Western Desert: 278  14.72%
Tianshan Range 229  12.12%
Qingzang Plaetau
Qiangtang Plaetau: 78  4.13%
Qinghai and Southern Tibet: 331, 17.52%
Southwestern China
Mountain Range: 689  36.47%
Southern Yunnan: 417  22.06%
Central China
Eastern plain and hills: 241  12.76%
Western mountain range and plateau:  329  17.42%Distribution of China Birds
Southern China
Coastal area of Fujian and Guangdong: 251  13.29%
Taiwan: 166  8.79%

(Above distribution from Outlines of China Birds Distribution by Peng Yanzhang etc)


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