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Introduction China Birds

China BirdingWith her vast territory, complex topographies, various climates, and many rivers and mountains with rich wetlands & plants, China plays an
important role in wildlife heritage and protection, as well as rich biodiversities. There are over
4400 species of vertebrates including 1260 species of birds, more than 430 mammals, 208
reptiles and more than 2300 fishes. As to the species number, there are 9800 species of
birds world wide by the year 2000, and in China numbers varies in species as 1244 (1994 by
Zhen Zuoxing), 1253(Cheng Tso Hsin),  1260, 1329 (by Mackinon in 2000). So China is one
of the 4 richest countries, and the other 3 countries just located in South America: the 1st
Brazil, 2nd Peru and 3rd Colombia.
About 100 species of birds distributes in China only, such as Crested Ibis (Nipponia Nippon,
in Yangxian, Shaanxi), Brown Eared Pheasant (Crossoptilon Mantchuricum, Huanglongshan
area, Shananxi), Tragopan caboti, Lophorus lhuysii, Chrysolophus pictus, Syrmaticus
reevesii, Lophura swinhoii (Taiwan), Oriolus mellianus, Paradoxornis zappeyi, Garrulax
sukatschewi, Kozlowia Roborowhkii (Tibet), Emberiza koslowi etc; some life and species
plays important role in biodiversities, such as Phaethontidae,  Upupidae, Muscicapidae, Prunellidae, Gaviidae, Phalaropodidae, Certhiidae,
Bombycillidae, Fregatidae, Gruidae, Rostratulidae, Cinclidae. There are 15 cranes and 9 of them recorded in China, and China is rightly famed
for the rare cranes such as Grus leucogeranus (White Crane), Grus nigricollis (Black-necked crane), Grus Japonensis (Red-crowned Crane).
As to protect some endangered birds, in 1980 about 53 species of birds listed in China National Protected Wildlife, and in 1988 about 225
species of birds listed in the name-list, and 41 species in Category No.1, 184 species in category No.2.
And till now China there are more than 50 reserves established to protect birds, such as Qinghai Lake, Swan Lake in Xinjiang, Zhalong in
Heilongjiang, Xianghai in Jilin, Wuliangshuhai in Inner Mongolia, Poyang Lake in Jiangxi, Yancheng Wetland in Jiangsu, Caihai Lake in Guizhou;
and routes protected for bird migrates such as Beidaihei in Hebei, Changdao in Shandong.

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