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Routes of Birds Migration

Routes of Birds Migration 

Routes of Birds Migration Birds with migrating activities in China account for 541 of total species of birds, according to
the survey done in 1987.  Survey shows that Ciconia ciconia, Larus argentatus, L ridibundus
etc fly to China for winter from Russia, Auser indicus, Larus ichthyactus, Netta rufina etc
migrates to India for wintering from China; and birds such as Calidris feruginea etc wintering
in India and fly to breeding area through China; wintering in Austrolia fly to breeding area
through Chna; and birds such as Auser fabalis migrates between China and Europe,;and
Nycticorax nycticorax, Turna fuscata, Grus vipio migrate between Japan and China.
Migrating patterns of birds as follow:
Resident: 544 species, 45.9%
Summer resident, 137, 11.5%
Winter resident, 91, 7.7%
Traveler or migrant, 20, 1.7%
Migrant, 354, 29.8%
Straggler birds, 40, 3.4%
There are 3 birds migrating routes (migratory channels) in China
1, East China: These migratory birds breeding in Northeast China and North China, as well as breeding in Russia, Korean Peninsula, Mongolia
migrate southward along the coastal line to South China, and Yangtze area, some birds even migrating on to Japan, Malaysia, Austrolia for
wintering in autumn; they fly back in spring for breeding; and some staying in Shangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu etc for energy recovery, even for
2, Middle China: Breeding migratory birds in Eastern and Middle Inner Mongolia, Eastern part of north China, and Shanxi migrate along
Taihangshan Mountain Range, Lvliangshan Range, and fly over Qinling Mountain Range and Dabashan Range to Sichuan Basin, and some
birds fly to downstream Yangtze River area even party of birds to South China for wintering in autumn.
3, West China: Breeding birds in Grassland  and desert of Inner Mongolia, Qinghai and Ningxia etc  will fly to Sichuan Basin, Yungui Plateau, even
to India for wintering in autumn via Animachen, Bayankala mountain, Qionglai shan ranged and Hengduan Mountains Ranges; and breeding
birds in Tibet will migrate into 2 direction, one is to India and Nepal while across Hilm
Southern China
Coastal area of Fujian and Guangdong: 251  13.29%
Taiwan: 166  8.79%

(Above distribution from Outlines of China Birds Distribution by Peng Yanzhang etc)


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