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South West ChinaTraveling deep into the mountain area of Guizhou, a province tucked away in Southwest China, we will explore traditional
ethnic minority villages inhabited by Miao and Dong groups, and travel further to meet the enigmatic Gejia people, who are
unfamiliar to even the (Han) Chinese. We will travel from one village to another, meeting colorfully dressed ethnic minority
people selling goods in the markets, making tofu or cultivating rice in their fields. If we are lucky, we might chance upon one of
their vibrant festivals, which are held throughout the lunar calendar. This trip offers a unique opportunity to spend time in one
of China's most isolated regions, appreciating ancient architectural styles and local customs of the ethnic minorities, while at
the same time enjoying the unspoiled beauty of its mountains and valleys ...             

Gui zhou Province -Kaili
(Gui zhou
Province -Kaili)
Yuanyang - The terrace
(Yuanyang - The
terrace )
Gui zhou Province -Putao
(Gui zhou
Province -Putao
Yunnan - Lugu Lake
(Yunnan - Lugu
Fenghuang County
Yunnan Province- Bridge
Province- Bridge)


China Adventure Tour - ( West China )
West China China adventure tours will offer you a unique opportunity to experience this fascinating land in a deeply personal way.
The tours are specially designed for people who want to travel more freely, and more adventurously, than most tourists. If you
want to see the real China up close, meet its people and taste its authentic local specialties, join us. We always avoid big
buses and over-stuffed itineraries. Although we visit the "must-see" sights, we also have plenty of time to get off the beaten
track, where the real China can be found. You will have time to walk through bustling street markets in West China, wander
through West country villages, absorb the serene atmosphere of an ancient temple or monastery, or linger on an alpine
meadow beneath the towering snow mountain.

The Silk Road evokes exotic images of long caravan lines stretching across vast sand dunes and dusty travelers relaxing in
the shade of a desert oasis. Skirting the deadly Taklamakan Desert to the north and south, the Silk Road took tradesmen
and monks, across mountains, deserts and seas from Europe to Asia. The commercial system of oasis settlements across
the desert enabled the spread of goods, religious beliefs (Buddhism, Islam, Christianity), and science and technology. The
Silk Road and its many towns and cities were forever immortalized in Marco Polo's accounts of his travels.

Dunahuang - Desert
(Dunahuang -
Xiahe - Labrang Monastery
(Xiahe - Labrang
China Self Drive Tour
China Self Drive Tour For the steering wheel in your hand, self-driving tours give tourists more freedom and most flexibility in deciding where
to go. Tourists can visit remote areas and change their plans according to their inclinations and wishes, and this kind of
tour will satisfy all your curiosities and fantasies.

or short term visiting China, foreign vehicles and drivers can take self driving tour or trip in China by application
Temporary Import Vehicle Plate with its Driving Certificate, as well as Temporary Driver License (License or Permit, TDL
or TVDL). Of course foreign vehicles temporarily entering China must be covered by automobile liability insurance and
automobile safety & technical inspection certificates, and also must drive in designated area and routes which marked in
Driving Certificate. We are pleased to help you for some related procedure in China.  Based on full prepared materials, we
can help you start to apply for and obtain following permits and formality necessary for your proposed tour in China. This
process may request 2-3 months.
Great Wall Trekking Tour
Great Wall Trekking TourDeparture: Daily (Suitable Time: from June to Oct.)
This is a "Private Tour Group", it means you have your private car (or bus) and driver, sightseeing with your private local
English speaking tour guide, no stranger tourists in the group. Hiking on the Great Wall for nine days is design for the Great
wall lover. Built to ward off enemies in ancient times, today the Great Wall brings together people from all corners of the
world. Hiking along the Great Wall, is substantially different than simply making the usual short visit. You will not only accept
a challenge physically, but also obtain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Chinese history and culture, as well as
man's creative power. In the tour, we will start from the Old Dragon Head in Hebei province, the eastern starting point of the
Ten-thousand-li Great Wall, to Huangyaguan Pass in Tianjin, and trek on to Simatai, Jinshanling and Gubeikou in Beijing.
The sections of the Wall you will visit are typical in architecture, scenery, wildness, and military importance. The total length
we will trek in the trip is about 80km. Some part of the wall is too broken to walk, please prepared to experience some
hardship on the way. You have the chance to visit and explore beautiful sections of the Great Wall that most people will never see.

(Great Wall -
Wangjing Ya)
Great Wall - Juyongguan
(Great Wall -
(Great Wall -

(Great Wall -

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