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China Self Driving Tour
Self Driving Tour For the steering wheel in your hand, self-driving tours give tourists more freedom and most
flexibility in deciding where to go. Tourists can visit remote areas and change their plans
according to their inclinations and wishes, and this kind of tour will satisfy all your curiosities
and fantasies.

1. Driving License and Driving Permit
For short term visiting China, foreign vehicles and drivers can take self driving tour or trip in
China by application Temporary Import Vehicle Plate with its Driving Certificate, as well as
Temporary Driver License (License or Permit, TDL or TVDL). Of course foreign vehicles temporarily entering China must be covered by
automobile liability insurance and automobile safety & technical inspection certificates, and also must drive in designated area and routes which
marked in Driving Certificate. We are pleased to help you for some related procedure in China.  Based on full prepared materials, we can help
you start to apply for and obtain following permits and formality necessary for your proposed tour in China. This process may request 2-3 months.
But if you stay long-term in China, you can apply for the resident Driver License. You can attend one Driving Education School to get the driving

2. Rent van and professional guide
China's car rental companies offer a variety of car rentals, from economy cars to luxury cars. We also can provide some logistic supply equipment
and their value, such as spare parts of automobiles, camping facilities, and communication appliances like GPS navigation system and satellite-
transmitted telephones.
Our professional and experienced tour guide will escort you in the journey to give any necessary service, such as hotel food booking, sightseeing
of scenic spots, coordinating and dealing with affairs and problems arising during the journey so as to keep the tour smoothly.

3. Self-driving Routs
We can and willing to arrange the tour program according to your detailed requests.
bicycles, we can and are willing to provide you any services you need.
Silk Road self-driving tour: The Silk Road is the ancient route of cultural exchange between East and West and is famous throughout the world.
Imagine long caravan lines stretching across vast and dunes and weary travelers relaxing in the shade of a desert oasis. The Silk Road evokes
these types of exotic images. We will be traveling through history, unraveling and deciphering the intricate mix and exchanges of cultures over
long periods.

TibetTibet self-driving tour: With average altitude above 4000 meters high, Tibet is the largest and highest plateau
in the world. The high elevation, changeable weather, and complicated road conditions are a challenge to the
driving skills of self-drive tourists. Vehicles must be robust and well maintained. Tibet has attracted a
considerable number of self-drive tourists in recent years. The best routes include Qinghai-Tibet, Sichuan-
Tibet, and Xinjiang-Tibet routes.

Yunnan self-driving tour:
This starts at Kunming and the route turns south to Xishuangbanna, the most popular tourist spot. It goes northwest to
Guizhou Lijiang, Shangri-la which now may be the last virgin land where one can observe cultures whose layers fro
thousands of years of years into the past.  


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