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[ GW-CA-005 ]Trekking on The Great Wall ( 9 days )

Tips for trekking on Great Wall:

  • Walk slowly in the first hours to have your body to get used to the trekking. Never run or walk fast.
  • Keep distance while walking up the steep broken wall to avoid the possible rolling down stone. Never follow each other one by one in a
    line closely, climb or walk down this part side by side with distant.
  • Keep distance from any edge of the wall and the open on the wall, because part of the wall is loose and broken.
  • While pass the bridge, don't run, jump, shake and push.
  • Don't lean against the wall to rest, the stone on the wall is loosed.
  • It is really hot to walk on the wall under the Sun. Drink enough water to keep yourselves from dehydration and siriasis.
  • Please take care of everything on and around the wall. Leave nothing except your foot prints, and take nothing except photograph and
  • Though our leader have talkers with them on the way, but limited coverage in the area. Some parts of the wall are really rough, so be have
    as a team, and help each other on the road. This trip is to "smell the fresh air", rather than a competition.
  • Many parts of the wall are broken and loose, so sensible footwear is essential.
  • As most of this tour is in really wild outdoor, we reserve the right to alternate the itinerary for the second best in case of any unforeseen
    event or government regulations. The participants are expected to take the extra payment if there is any.
Day 1 Beijing-Beidaihe

Leave Beijing at 7:30 by #T509 Train and arrive in Qinhuangdao at 10:23. Meet at the station and drive to
Beidaihe, sightsee along Beidaihe Beach and rest or free afternoon. Stay at Beidaihe Jinshan Hotel No. 4
Building (or driving to Luweishan and camping in Luweishan School, and have dinner in a farmer’s house) (L-D)

Day 2 Beidahe-

After breakfast drive to Luweishan about 130kms, about 2-hour driving. Start trekking along the wild wall from
Luweishan to Liujiakou where is a water pass. (About 4-5kms, about 5 hours walking). Bus meets at Liujiakou
and then driving to Qinhuangdao Qinfa Holiday Hotel (140kms, about 2-hour driving). Box lunch, and dinner at a
hotel restaurant. (B-L-D)

Day 3 Qinhuangdao-
Great Wall Village-

After breakfast drive to Dongjiakou about 50kms, one hour and 20 minutes driving. Trek along the wall to
Chengziyu about 2.5kms, about 2 and a half hours walking. Then get off the wall at Chengziyu village and have
lunch in a farmer’s house. After lunch visit the village and then trek along the wall to Great Wall Village about over
1km and about one and half hour walking. (If they like to walk further that’s possible but have to walk along the
wall for another 2 or 3 hours then can get off the wall). Then get off the wall and walk to the road to meet the Bus.
Then Back to Qinfa Holiday Hotel. (B-L-D)

Day 4 Qinhuangdao-
After breakfast drive to Sandaoguan Great Wall about 40kms, about 1 hour driving. Trek up and down the
mountains along the wall to Jiaoshan Great Wall (about 5kms, 5-6hours walking). On this section of the Great
Wall you can see the Great Wall just like hanging along the mountain ranges. Box lunch on the mountain. Bus
will meet at the foot of Jiaoshan Great Wall. We can camp at the foot of the Jiaoshan Great Wall or drive to Qinfa
Holiday Hotel. (B-L-D)
Day 5 Jiaoshan-
Dragon Head-Beidaihe

Trek from the foot of Jiaoshan Great Wall to Shanhaiguan --- the First Pass Under the Heaven, visit the Great
Wall Museum and lunch at Shanhaiguan. After lunch, continue our trekking from Shanhaiguan to Old Dragon
Head where the Great Wall meets the ocean. Bus will meet at the Old Dragon Head and drive to Beidaihe
Jinshan Hotel. (B-L-D)

Day 6 Beidaihe-Beijing

After breakfast Bus will send you back to Beijing (Beidaihe to Beijing 300kms and about 3.5 to 4 hours driving).
The Great Wall Trekking tour will be end in Beijing. (B-L)

B:Breakfast  L:Lunch  D:Dinner
Hotel: 3-4star (or the same standard)
Price: RMB --/ per person in 1/2 double room
≥10 person
Single Supplement
6-9 person
Single Supplement
2-5 person
Single Supplement
High Season
Shoulder Season
Low Season

High Season: Apr., May, Sep., Oct., 1st Nov.-15th Nov
Shoulder Season: Mar., July, June, Aug., 16th Nov.-30th Nov
Low Season: Dec., Jan., Feb


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