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Chinses Tea
Chinses Tea
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Chinese Tea Culture Tour

Tea is native to China, and Chinese people are believed to have enjoyed tea drinking for more than 4,000 years. The Classic of Tea (Cha Jing),
wrote by Lu Yu, the Tea Sage of China, was considered as the world’s first comprehensive treatise on tea. This little book details rules concerning
various aspects of tea, such as growth areas for tea trees, wares and skills for processing tea, tea tasting, the history of Chinese tea and quotations
from other records, comments on tea from various places, and notes on what occasions tea wares should be complete and when some wares
could be omitted.

Some writers classify tea into four categories, white, green, oolong and black, according to the fermentation level. Others add categories for red,
scented and compressed teas. All of these come from varieties of the Camellia sinensis plant. Green tea is the most popular type of tea consumed
in China.  

Chinese tea culture refers to the methods of preparation of tea, the equipment used to make tea and the occasions in which tea is consumed in
China. During this tour, you will know about Chinese tea culture from following categories:

Green Tea: keeps the original color of the tea leaves without fermentation during processing, mainly consisting of Longjing Tea of Zhejiang,
Maofeng of Huangshan, Biluochun of Jiangsu.

Black Tea
: known as “Red Tea” in China, which is fermented before baking, the best brands of black tea are Qihong of Anhui, Dianhong of Yunnan,
Suhong of Jiangsu, Chuanhong of Sichuan and Huhong of Hunan, this tour consists of Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong, the originator of Chinese Red Tea.  

Oolong Tea
: represents a variety half way between the green and the black tea, made after partial fermentation, it is a specialty from the provinces
on China’s southeast coast: Fujian, Guangdong and Taiwan, this tour consists of Wuyi Yan Tea.  


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