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City of Guangzhou
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Liuhua ParkGuangzhou

Guangzhou (Canton - the old spelling) is the capital of Guangdong
Province. With a history of over 2800 years, Guangzhou has always been
a port for foreign exchanges and trade, and is still one of the largest ports
in China. Here the China Export Commodities Fair is held every spring
and autumn, which attracts business people from the world over.
The points of historical interest include Zhenhai Tower, the Guangxiao
Temple, Liurong Temple, Huaisheng Mosque, Sun Yat - sen Memorial Hall and so on.

Zhong Shan Memorial Hall Zhong Shan Memorial Hall

Zhong Shan Memorial Hall was built in 1931. It features its octagonal building designed in a palatial style.
This hall was constructed in commemoration of the great achievement of Sun Wen, the forerunner of the
Chinese Revolution. It is a reinforced concrete building of 49 meters in height and has seats for 4700
people. Sun Wen's bronze statue stands in front of the memorial hall.


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