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Shanghai MunicipalityShanghai Municipality

Shanghai, China's largest modern city, otherwise called "Hu", is one of the four municipalities under the
jurisdiction of the Central Government. It is located at the south bank of the world's third longest river, the
Changjiang (Yangtze) River, at its outlet to the East China Sea. It covers an area of 6340 square kilometers.
Shanghai has a warm climate. Communications are convenient. Industry and commerce are flourishing. As
a world - famous international port, Shanghai is a gateway in East China for developing tourist trade.
Shanghai is a city with a long history. In the longest development, it has formed its own unique city scene and
varied cultures and arts. Up to now, a lot of cultural relics beginning in the Tang and Song Dynasties, many
museums and contemporary memorial halls are well preserved. There are a lot of tourist centers in urban
districts and suburbs of Shanghai, which form many tourist areas, tourist lines and special - interest tourist items. The five gardens, Yu Yuan
(the Garden of Leisurely Repose), Gu Yi Yuan (the Garden of Ancient Splendor), Qushui Yuan (the Garden of Bending Brooks), Zuibai Chi (the
Pond for Drunken Li Bai) and Qiuxia Pu (the Garden of Autumn Sunlight) and so on, are ready to welcome the visitors with new features. At the
side of Dianshan Lake, the newly - built Grand View Garden begins to take shape.

Yu Yuan GardenYu Yuan Garden

Yu Yuan Garden was first built in 1559 with an area of some 2 hectares. It appears much larger on account
of skilful landscape gardening - with paths winding through charming pavilions, delightful grottoes, beautiful
lotus ponds, quaint bridges and trickling streams. The art of decoration also finds expression in the brick
engravings and wood carvings everywhere in the garden which reflect the style of southern China in the Ming
and Qing dynasties. The beautiful scenery can be compared with the four famous gardens in Suzhou.

Gu Yi Garden

Gu Yi Garden is located at Nanxing Town, jiading Country of Shanghai. It was first built in the Ming Dynasty, with a history of more
than 400 years.
The garden has its unique style with exquisite pavilions and chambers, artistic studies and long corridors, pebble paths and
winding streams, old twisted locust trees, and flowers of all seasons. It is one of the scenic spots in sShanghai.

Jade Buddha MonasteryJade Buddha Monastery
Jade Buddha Monastery is located at Anyuan Road in the west of the center of Shanghai city. Built in 1882,
the 8th year of the reign of Guang Xu in the Qing Dynasty, it is a Buddhist Monastery.
It covers a total area of 8400 square meters. The monastery has three halls namely the Heavenly King Hall,
the Grand Hall and the Abbot's Chamber. This famous Buddhist Monastery houses two jade statues of
Sakyamuni. One is in a sitting position, and the other is a reclining position, Both statues are of great artistic
value and are regarded as treasures of Buddhism in our country.


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