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Shangri-la Tour The name "Shangri-La" became popular after World War II and was used to christen many
songs, hotels and restaurants because it represents a "heaven away from the turmoil of the
mundane world." Actually, "Shangri-La" is a Tibetan word meaning "land of sacredness and
peace." The word first appeared in James Hilton's novel The Lost Horizon, which tells the story
of three American pilots who crashed while flying the Sino-Indo air route during World War II.
They landed on a land of eternity, tranquility and peace characterized by "snowy mountains,
grassland, Tibetan people, red soil plateaus, three rivers flowing along, colorless snow-tea
and a lamasery." Rescued by the local Tibetan people, the three American pilots finally returned
home. The publication of this novel quickly brought fame to an unknown and uncontaminated
place -- Shangri-La -- and made it a household word. Since then, this fascinating spot has
become a dreamland for many tourists and adventure lovers.
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Yunnan Province -Shangri-la
(Yunnan Province
Dali - The minority
(Dali - The minority )
Gongga jokul
(Gongga jokul )
Daocheng - terrace
(Daocheng - terrace )
Yulong Jokul-Golf Club

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