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Silk Road
Xi'an-Silk Road

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[ GW-SR-002 ] Beijing-Urumqi-Turpan-Kashgar-Dunhuang-Jiayuguan-Lanzhou-Xi'an-Shanghai (16 Day)
Imagine long caravan lines stretching across vast sand dunes and weary travelers relaxing in the shade of a desert oasis. The Silk Road
evokes these types of exotic images. We will be traveling through history, unraveling and deciphering the intricate mix and exchange of cultures
over long periods of time.
Day. 1Beijing
Arrive Beijing, the capital of the People's Republic of China. Meet your guide upon arrival and transfer to your
deluxe hotel.
Day. 2Beijing
Beijing Morning tour to Tiananmen Square, located in the heart of the capital, and the Imperial Palace, known as
the Forbidden City - one of the greatest feats of ancient Chinese architecture. Afternoon sightseeing includes
Summer Palace
- a former summer resort area of the royal family. Welcome Peking Duck Banquet in the evening.
Day. 3Beijing
Beijing Full day excursion to the Great Wall - the landmark of China. It is one of the most amazing feats of
human labour - the only man-made construction on earth visible from outer space. After lunch, a drive to the
Ming Tombs
along the Sacred Way with giant marble figures and animals guarding the tomb area for deceased
emperors of the Ming Dynasty.
Day. 4Beijing-
Beijing To Urumqi Morning tour to the Temple of Heaven where the emperors prayed for good harvest. Fly to
the oasis of Urumqi after lunch, capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Upon arrival, meet your guide
and transfer to your deluxe hotel.
Day. 5Urumqi-
Urumqi To Karshgar A full day is spent visiting Heavenly Lake which lies at 1,980m above sea level. Ice-
covered peaks
, cypresses, pines, wild flowers, grazing animals and foggy mountain paths make it a hiker's
paradise. Boat ride on Heavenly Lake. After dinner, a short flight brings you to Kashgar at the foot of the Pamir
, one of the westernmost points of China. Kashgar was a key trading point on the Silk Route.
Day. 6 Karshgar-
Karshgar To Urumqi Begin your discovery today with visits to the Abakh Hoja Tomb and the great Id Kah Mosque
fronted by the busy square. Then roam through Kashgar's colorful bazaar. Some would say it is the largest
bazaar in Central Asia. Fly back to Urumqi by air in the evening.
Day. 7Urumqi-
Urumqi To Turpan Morning tour to Nanshan Pasture. Stroll through the rolling green hills dotted with Kazak
yurts and encounter grazing sheep and camels. Discover waterfalls and enjoy the scenic beauty of the southern
foothills while the snow-capped peaks of Tian Shan tower above in the distance. Drive to Turpan in the afternoon.
An Uygur dance show will be provided in the evening.
Day. 8 Turpan-
Turpan To Dunhuang The day is spent exploring Turpan, renowned in China for its grapes and Hami melons.
Of interest in the area are the Imin Mosque, the Astana tombs, the Thousand Buddha Caves, the ancient city
sites of Gaochang
and Jiaohe, and the Karez Irrigation System. Visit the grape vineyards in the afternoon, where
you can enjoy numerous types of grapes as many as you like. Board an overnight train to Dunhuang.
Day. 9 Dunhuang
Arrive Dunhuang in the morning. Visit the archaeological treasures in Dunhuang, the famous of which is the
Mogao Grottoes
. There is a total of 492 caves housing one of the country's most famous collections of Chinese
Buddhist scriptures frescoes and paintings. In the afternoon, visit the Crescent Moon Lake surrounded by
Mingsha Sand Hill.
At the hill foot you may enjoy a slow riding on camelback.
Day.10 Dunhuang-
Jiayuguan Pass
Dunhuang To Jiayuguan Pass A 5-hour drive brings you to Jiayuguan Pass, the western end of the Great Wall.
Upon arrival, stroll on the Great Wall.
Day.11 Jiayuguan
Jiayuguan Pass To Lanzhou Drive to Jiuquan in the morning, 30km east to Jiayuguan Pass. Visit the famous Site
of Wine Spring(Jiuquan) of Western Han (206 B.C.-A.D.24), ancient Bell and Drum Tower and a factory where
world famous luminous wine cups are made. Board an overnight train to Lanzhou.
Day.12 Lanzhou
Arrive Lanzhou in the morning, the capital of Gansu Province, set on the banks of the Yellow River. The city has
been a main caravan junction for 2,000 years. Visit the Five Springs Park , White Pagoda Hills and the Waterwheel
by the Yellow River. Boat ride on Yellow River.
Lanzhou To Xi'an Take morning flight to Xi'an, the great ancient capital and the eastern end of the Silk Road. City
tour begins with a visit to the ancient City Wall which was built in 1370 A.D. Afternoon visit to Big Wild Goose
which was built in 652 A.D. It contains a large volume of Buddhist scriptures which were obtained from
India by the eminent monk of Xuanzang. Attend a special Tang Dynasty Dinner and Show in the evening.
Day.14 Xi'an
Xi'an Full day excursion to the unparalleled highlight Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses at the Tomb of Qin
Shi Huang, the first emperor in China. Added highlights are a visit to the Huaqing Hot Spring - a former resort
area especially for the emperors and the royal family and a visit to Banpo Village - the remains of a neolithic
village dating back 6,000 years. Primitive tools and household utensils are displayed in the Banpo Museum.
Time permits, visit factory where copies of Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses are made. With the introduction of
the workman there, you may try to use clay and mould to make the copies of Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses
Day.15 Xi'an-
Xi'an To Shanghai Fly to Shanghai, the bustling commercial heart of China, known as the "Paris of the East".
The tour begins with a stroll along the lively waterfront "The Bund", then a visit to the Jade Buddha Temple where
two rare jade statues of Sakyamuni Buddha are treasured. Remainder of the afternoon is free to shop and explore.
An acrobatic show for your evening entertainment.
Day.16 Shanghai
Depart Shanghai Your fascinating journey comes to an end as you board your international flight home.(B)
B:Breakfast  L:Lunch  D:Dinner
Standard A ( for 4-star hotel )
Beijing: Guangxi Hotel Beijing
Xi'an: Hotel Royal Garden Xi’an
Kashgar: Seman Hotel
Dunhuang: Dunhuang Sun Hotel
Turpan: Turpan Hotel
Urumqi: Holiday Inn Hotel
Shanghai: Shanghai Hotel
Lanzhou: Lanzhou Legend Hotel
Hotel Standard A( for 4-star hotel ) Price: RMB --/ per person in 1/2 double room
≥10 person
Single Supplement
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Single Supplement
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¥ 3575
¥ 21402
¥ 4296
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¥ 21077
¥ 3971
¥ 24803
¥ 3971
Low Season
¥ 16216
¥ 2646
¥ 20665
¥ 3559
¥ 24390
¥ 3559
Standard A ( for 3-star hotel )
Beijing: Pinganfu Hotel Beijing
Xi'an: Bell and Drum Hotel Xi’an
Kashgar: Seman Hotel
Dunhuang: Dunhuang Sun Hotel
Turpan: Turpan Hotel
Urumqi: Xijiang Grand Hotel
Shanghai: Pacific Luck Hotel
Lanzhou: Lanzhou Hotel
Hotel Standard A( for 3-star hotel ) Price: RMB --/ per person in 1/2 double room
≥10 person
Single Supplement
6-9 person
Single Supplement
2-5 person
Single Supplement
High Season
¥ 16546
¥ 2976
¥ 20720
¥ 3614
¥ 24445
¥ 3614
Shoulder Season
¥ 16381
¥ 2811
¥ 20555
¥ 3449
¥ 24280
¥ 3449
Low Season
¥ 16084
¥ 2514
¥ 20252
¥ 3146
¥ 23978
¥ 3146

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