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Beijing-Datong-Mt.Hengshan-Mt.Wutaishan-JInci Temple-Pingyao-Taiyuan (9 days)
[ Tour Code: EL- ASX- 001 ]

Day 1 Beijing-Datong

Take an overnight train to Datong. (No transfer service in Beijing.)

Day 2 Datong

Be picked up at the railway station and have breakfast. Today’s highlight is to visit Yungang Grottoes, with their
252 caves and 51,000 statues, representing the outstanding achievement of Buddhist cave art in China in the 5th
and 6th centuries. Then, visit the Huayan Temple which was named after the Huayan sect of Buddhism. (B-L-D)

Day 3 Datong-Mt.
Hengshan- Mt. Wutai

After breakfast, you will depart to visit Scenic Spots of Mt. Hengshan, one of the Five Sacred Mountains in
traditional Chinese culture and has been a Taoist shrine ancient times. Then, drive to Mt. Wutai Scenic Group.

Day 4 Mt. Wutai

Today’s highlight is visit Mount Wutai including Pusa Ding (Bodhisattva on mountain top), Xiantong Temple,
Tayuan Temple, Shuxiang Temple, Puhua Temple, and Dailuo Ding by cable car. Pusa Ding is the biggest and
most complete lamasery on Mount Wutai. It is located at the top of Lingjiu Peak where, according to legend,
Wenshu Bodhisattva lived. Xiantong Temple is believed to be one of the first constructed after Buddhism was
introduced to China and is also the oldest and biggest in Mt. Wutai. Tayuan Temple goes its name for the
towering great White Pagoda inside the temple. Shuxiang Temple is one of the five well-known Buddhist temples
on Mt. Wutai. The temple yard is not big, but it has the tallest and biggest hall of all the temples in Taihuai Area.
The most famous is the Manjusri Bodhisattva statue in the main hall. Puhua Temple was originally a Taoist
temple and the current temple was rebuilt after 1911. The hill where Dailuo Ding is located looks like a big top
and it is one of five peaks on Mount Wutai. Because the grass and trees on the hill are flourishing, the temple at
the top of the hill is vividly named Dailuo Ding. (B-L-D)
Attention: You can also choose climb to the Dailuo Ding by yourself (1080 steps/one way) instead of cable car.

Day 5 Mt. Wutai-Jinci
Drive to Jinci Temple, surrounded by the water, mountain, ancient timber and clean spring, in the temple
hundreds of palaces, halls, storied buildings, pavilions, booths, platforms, and bridges are scattered here and
there. You will also visit Meiheju Vinegar Cultural Garden. Then, go on driving to Pingyao. (B-L-D)
Day 6 Pingyao-Taiyuan
Today’s highlight is to visit Pingyao Ancient City. Take a visit to Ri Sheng Chang Banking Shop, still busy and
crowded Ming-Qing Street, ancient city wall and Yumen. You will also visit the famous Former Residence of
Family Qiao
. The doors, windows, eaves, stone stairs, quadrangular railings, and the Chuanxin, Pianxin, and
Jiaodao yard are all beautifully shaped. Drive to Taiyuan for overnight. (B-L-D)
Day 7 Taiyuan- ...
Be transferred to the airport, this wonderful trip is ending. (B)
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