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Xiamen Tulou
HomeMulti Destination Around Xiamen ( Tulou – Hakka Houses )

Around Xiamen ( Tulou – Hakka Houses )

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World Heritage Fujian Tulou - Hakka Tours

Located on the southeast coast of China, Xiamen enjoys a pleasant climate and beautiful natural environment. And the city claims to be a city in the
sea and is renowned for its various scenic spots and cultural relics.

Among the mountains of Fujian Province are scatterings of unique dwelling houses, constructed between the 15th and 20th centuries, which were
given World Heritage status by the UN, known as "Hakka Earthen Fortresses" or "Fujian Tulou". These historical constructions are testimony to the
art and innovatory skill of the Hakka people. The architectural structure, carvings, pillar couplets of these dwelling houses reflect the wisdom and
creativeness of the Hakka. The older examples of Tulou consist of interior buildings enclosed by huge peripheral ones holding hundreds of rooms
and dwellers. With all the halls, storehouses, wells and bedrooms inside, the huge tower-like building functions almost as a small fortified city.
Hakka houses are made of compacted earth, stone, bamboo and wood, all readily available materials. After constructing the walls with rammed
earth, branches, strips of wood and bamboo chips were laid in the wall as "bones" to reinforce it. The end result is a well lit, well-ventilated,
windproof, quakeproof building that is warm in winter and cool in summer.

In these amazing tours you will explore the majestic world heritage Fujian Tulou – Hakka Residential Earthen House based in Yongdi (near
Xiamen), experience the legendary Hakka culture and immerse the authentic rural life. In Fujian Tulou, you can taste the real Hakka cuisine, drink
mellow Hakka rice wine and taste Hakka tea, learn Hakka language with local people.

Fuyu Lou
(Fuyu Lou)


Tour Code: EL-MDX-003
1-Day Fujian Tulou - Hakka Tour
(Tulou - Hakka)
Tulou Houses
(Tulou Houses)
Tulou – Hakka Houses
( Tulou – Hakka Houses)
Fujian Tulou
(Fujian Tulou)
Tour Code: EL-MDX-007
5-Day Fujian Essential Tour
Xiamen Tulou
(Fuyu Lou)

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