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Around Yunnan ( South West China )

Yunnan is amazed the world by the mysterious culture of the minority and the beautiful natural scenery.
“The Lost Horizon” is the story of four Americans who survived a plane crash in the Himalayas, only to discover the reclusive land. It was British
writer James Hilton’s novel “The Lost Horizon” that sparked a legend and brought fame to an unknown and almost untouched place called
Shangri-La. “Shangri-La” is a Tibetan word meaning “land of sacredness and peace”. Finally, in Sept. 1997, the government of Yunnan province
declared that Shangri-La had been discovered in Zhongdian, Diqing, a prefecture in Yunnan province. It now may be the last virgin land where
one can observe cultures whose layers go back for thousands of years into the past.
Lugu Lake, the ancient and mysterious “The Female’s Kingdom” composed of Mosuo People, is situated at the junction of Southwest Sichuan
and Northwest Yunnan, 2,685 meters in altitude. Up to now, the Mosuo people retain the vestiges of matriarchal society. Visiting marriage
represents the main marriage system of Mosuo people....



Tour Code: EL-MDD-003
Kunming-Jinghong-Kunming (6 Days)
Yunnan Province -Shangri-la

Tour Code: EL-YNJ-001
Multi-colored 2013 Yunnan Join-in Tour

[ GW-YNJ-001-A ]Shangri-La

[ GW-YNJ-001-B ]Shangri-La + Stone Forest


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