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Qinghai Lake
Qinghai Lake
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Cycling around Qinghai Lake

Two of Qinghai’s biggest highlights, the vast Qinghai Lake, attract nature lovers who enjoy camping, cycling, hiking and bird-watching as well
as people who have a fascination with Buddhism, and Ta’er Monastery (Kumbum Monastery), which is
Map of Qinghai lakeconsidered one of the six great monasteries of Gelugpa in Tibetan Buddhism. Qinghai is a unique and
colorful nature landscape dotted with snow-covered mountains, icy peaks, deserts, vast pastures and
sparkling lakes mesmerize its visitors, while flocks of rare birds and animals.
Qinghai Lake International Cycling Race, the top professional road race in Asia, is held every summer near
Qinghai Lake. Our 7-day tour won’t cover the grueling 1300km that the professional racers cover, but it is still
be at the same altitude and with the alpine scene. The renting of bicycles near Qinghai Lake is very
convenient, and the infrastructure is well for the accommodation.
This cycling tour is at moderate-level, high-altitude biking (as high as 3100-3300m). The total cycling distance
is approximately 360km, and average 85km distance cycling per day. The best season is to come during
Middle July – Early September.

Cycling around Qinghai Lake
(Cycling around
Qinghai Lake
Tour Code: EL-QHC-001
Cycling around Qinghai Lake

This cycling tour is at moderate-level, high-altitude
biking (as high as 3100-3300m).

(Qilian & Qinghai

Tour Code: EL-QHC-002
Xining-Qilian-Zhangye-Qinghai Lake-Xining

The best visit time is in July, all the rape flowers are
blooming, and the forest is growing green and fresh

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