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Hong Kong
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Hongkong Macao Taiwan

Hong Kong, the Oriental Pearl, is an eclectic mix of the 21st century and ancient times, where modern skyscrapers rub shoulders with colonial
buildings and traditional Chinese temples. Here you can find the delights of modern living alongside an abundance of reminders of its historic
past. Hong Kong is a city for tourism, which is known as a fine place to visit for business, trade shows, convention, conference, shopping, food,
recreation and entertainment.

Macau is situated at the sea coast of southeastern part of China to the west bank of the Pearl River Delta, surrounded by sea from three sides.
Bordering on Guangdong Province, it locates 60km from Hong Kong and 145km from the city of Guangzhou. Macau was the name given by the
Portuguese as the Portuguese colonized this area in the middle 16th Century. It also became the perfect crossroad for the meeting of East and
West cultures....

Taiwan Province Of China lies off the southeastern coast of mainland Asia, across the Taiwan Straits from Mainland China --- a solitary island
on the western edge of the Pacific Ocean. Its total land area is only about 36,000 square kilometers; it is shaped like a tobacco leaf that is narrow
at both ends. Taiwan sees climates of many types: tropical, sub-tropical, and temperate, providing clear differentiation between the different
seasons.Taiwan has a very rich traditional Chinese culture. The blending of hakka, Taiwanese and mainland Chinese cultures, has produced a
rich plethora of cultural and social colors.

Northern Taiwan (Taipei, Keelung) is an area of historic remains in temples, towering mountains, restful lakes, beautiful waterfalls, hot springs
and fantastic coastal rock formations. Taipei City is the center of tourism in the northern part of Taiwan Province. The Central Region of Taiwan
(Taichung, Sanyi, Changhua) display natural beauty: mountain lakes, roaring rivers and hot springs, emerald forests and craggy ravines. The
scenery of the Southern Taiwan (Tainan, Kaohsiung, Kenting) is quite attractive. You will find lakes with beautiful pagodas and beautiful tropical
beaches. In the Eastern Taiwan, Hualian is known as the "City of Marble". It is the favored starting point for tours of nearby Taroko Gorge.


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Hongkong (3 days)
Zhonghuan -Hongkong

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Hongkong - Macao (4 days)

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