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Minority Culture in Southwest ( South West China )

Traveling deep into the mountain area of Guizhou, a province tucked away in Southwest China, we will explore traditional ethnic minority villages
inhabited by Miao and Dong groups, and travel further to meet the enigmatic Gejia people, who are unfamiliar to even the (Han) Chinese. We will
travel from one village to another, meeting colorfully dressed ethnic minority people selling goods in the markets, making tofu or cultivating rice in
their fields. If we are lucky, we might chance upon one of their vibrant festivals, which are held throughout the lunar calendar. This trip offers a
unique opportunity to spend time in one of China's most isolated regions, appreciating ancient architectural styles and local customs of the ethnic
minorities, while at the same time enjoying the unspoiled beauty of its mountains and valleys ...

Gui zhou Province -Kaili
(Gui zhou Province

Gui zhou Province -Kaili
(Gui zhou Province


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