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Yellow Mountain

Hangzhou, Yellow Mountain and surrounding area
[ Tour Code: EL- YM- 002 ]

Day 1 Arrive Hangzhou

Arrive in Hangzhou, one ancient capital city in southern China, and famous for its natural beauty and historical
and cultural heritages. Meet your guide at the airport. Visit Huqingyutang, a pharmacy shop and museum of
traditional Chinese medicine. Then, you will visit the Former Residence of Hu Xueyan who set up Huqingyutang
Drugstore and was called “the medicine king in south of the Yangtze River”. The former residence boasts 13
towers, Zhiyuan Garden, pavilions, terraces, a small bridge over a flowing stream and bright verandas, all
ingeniously designed. (L-D)

Day 2 Hangzhou

A full day tour is to appreciate the incomparably lovely West Lake with its soaring bridges and flower-bright
islets. Enjoy a boat ride on West Lake. Visit the Huagang Park (Flower Harbor Park), the most attractive
waterside park. Ancient Chinese people praised the West Lake area as a land of intoxicating beauty. Then,
enjoy a walk along the Su Causeway that is spanned with six bridges offering different views, the willows to
ssing among blooming peach flowers in spring. Also, you will visit a Tea Museum showing the history and
production of Chinese tea. Move on to visit the Meijiawu Tea House, the tea village of famous Dragon’s Well
Tea. (B-L-D)

Day 3 Hangzhou-
Shexian County-Tunxi
After breakfast, drive to Yellow Mountain (about 3 hours driving) and visit Shexian County on the way. You
will visit Chengkan Village, Tangyue Memorial Archway and Bao’s Family Garden. Chengkan village is
famous for the residential architecture of the Ming and Qing style. Shexian County is regarded as "a town of
archways". In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, there were more than 200 memorial archways dotted all over the
whole territory, now only 80 of which remain well. Just close to the Tangyue Archway complex, the Bao’s Family
Garden was originally a private garden during Ming and Qing dynasties. Here, you not only can enjoy the
masterpiece of Hui style garden, but also can see various kinds of delicate Bonsais. Stay overnight to Tunxi.
Day 4 Tunxi-Yellow
This morning, you will take sightseeing of Yellow Mountain, characterized by the four wonders, namely, odd-
shaped pines, grotesque rock formation, seas of clouds and crystal-clear hot springs. Yellow Mountain was
listed as one of the World Natural and Cultural Heritages in 1990. Ride Yungu (Cloud Valley) station cable car
up to Yellow Mountain, and the full day is visiting Yellow Mountain including Beginning-to-Believe Peak, the Lion
, Cloud-Dispelling Pavilion, Flying-over Rock, Bright Summit and sun-set. (B-L-D)
Day 5 Yellow
Get up early in the morning to watch the sun-rise. After breakfast, a 3-and-half-hour hike will be conducted to
enjoy the premium views of the western side of Huangshan Mountain including the Sea-Turtle Peak, Lotus
, Jade Screen Peak, Guest-welcoming Pine before taking the Yuping cable car down the mountain and
back to Tunxi by bus. Visit Tunxi’s historic Old Street. The shops, workshops and residences form an organic
whole, keeping the characteristic and operation layout of ancient store such as "front shop and back workshop"
or "front shop and back house". (B-L-D)
Day 6 Tuxin-Yixian
Today’s highlight is to visit Yixian County including Hong Village and Nanping Village. Hong Village in Yixian
County attracts particular attention for the clustered houses. Hong Village is famed for its pre-20th Century
buildings. What is unique about the village is that it is ox-shaped topography. Then, visit Nanping Village whose
most attraction is 300 or more ancient residential houses and her amazing winding lanes. Strolling in the village,
you'll be surprised to find how simple and old-fashioned the village is. Then, drive back to Tunxi, and take an
evening flight to Shanghai. (B-L-D)
Day 7 Shanghai
Visit the Bund, at the west shore of the Huangpu River, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and the Jin Mao Tower
can be seen on the opposite side. The splendid row of early 20th century Europe buildings remains the
quintessential Shanghai sight. Visit fascinating Yuyuan Garden, a well-restored Suzhou-style garden, and
take a walk through the Old Town filled with antique markets and specialty stores. Then pay a visit to the Jade
Buddha Temple
where two rare jade statues of Sakyamuni Buddha are treasured. A fabulous Acrobatic Show
concludes your first day in Shanghai. (B-L-D)
Day 8 Return from
Be transferred to the airport and prepare for boarding on your homebound flight. (B)
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