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Yellow Mountain (Mt. Huangshan)
Qiandao lake
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Qiandaohu , Yellow Mountain (Mt. Huangshan)

Qiandao Lake, located in Chun'an County, west of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province is one of the first-class national scenic spots and is the
largest national forest park at present. The lake covers five hundred and seventy square kilometers including over one thousand islands of
different sizes. Besides the surrounding green hills and large amount of animals and plants, it is also famous for its water. The average depth
of the water here is more than one hundred feet and the visibility in the water is 22-29 feet. As national first-class water it is so pure that it can be
drunk directly.

From Qingdao Lake to Yellow Mountain, it will take about 2.5 hours via the express way.

Yellow Mountain can boast not only of its magnificence but also its abundant resources and great variety of zoological species, for which it has
been listed as a World Natural and Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO Heritage Committee in 1990. Being characterized by the four wonders,
namely, odd-shaped pines, craggy rocks, sea of clouds and crystal-clear hot springs, Yellow Mountain in east China's Anhui province is one of
China's top ten best scenic spots. Yellow Mountain is a marvel: within an area of 154 square kilometers there is a crowd of peaks, 72 of which
have names indicating the shapes they resemble. Yellow Mountain changes its color and appearance with the alternation of seasons. In spring
blooming flowers decorate the slopes in a riot of color and fill the valleys with fragrance; in summer you see verdure peaks rising one upon
another and hear springs gurgling merrily. Autumn dresses the mountains in red and purple as maples and some other trees are blazing-red;
winter turns them into a world of frost and ice with silver boughs and rocks everywhere. ...

Anhui Province -Yellow Mountain
(Anhui Province
-Yellow Mountain )

Zhejiang Province -Qiandao Lake
(Zhejiang Province
-Qiandao Lake


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