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group from CZ, 35 person, 30.08.2007-10.09.2007 Beijing,Xi'an,Shanghai,Beijin

Dear Guo Ge,

after one month of travelling I am back in the office….

Straight from China I went to Turkey and than to Hungary.

I would like to inform you that I got very positive responses

already at the end of the tour from all participants and

now also from the company that was informed about the tour by it´s doctors. JJ

I would like to THANK YOU very much for your perfect and professional services

and I am really looking forward to our further cooperation.

With my best regards Zuzana

Zuzana Poniková



Boženy Němcové 1881/5


From Czech, 2006, 2 clients:

" our client Mr. Zalsky was very satisfied with all services in China and he would like to thank you for anything. I will contact you if we will
have some other clients.

Best regards from Martina "


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