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Clients from French for more than 10 person, travel with us in 2005 to Yunan, Guizhou, and 2006 to the silk road include Xihe,
Dunhuang, Jiayuguan, Kashgar, Pingyao,Datong...

" We came back to France before yesterday and it snows on Paris ... 

If some French tourists contact you, give them my address and I shall inform them about our experience with your travel agency (I shall
also write about you on travellers' forums on Internet) : as you can think, they can hesitate before sending money-transfer.

We liked our holidays in your country and we hope to come back to China. Just some details (which can help you for other tourists) :

- there was too much free time in Dali ;

- nobody told us that :

- we had to pay for luggage under 20 kg at Guangzhou railway station ;

Except that, all was perfect.

Best regards from Agnes.

Mrs Agnès PAILLAUD "


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