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Lhoka Region


Located on the south bank of the central reaches of Yarlung Zangbo Riber, this area rises 3,600 meters above sea level. The climate is mild.
The Yarlung River Area is the national key scenic area, decorated by famous ancient buildings and cultural relics such as Samye Monastery,
Yungbulhakang, Tombs of Tibetan Kings, Chanzhub Monastery, etc. Lhoka area is also the cradle of Tibetan nationality.

Yarlung River Scenic Area

Yarlung River Scenic Area

This area is located in Lhoka area of Tibet. The smooth land, the fertile soil, the rich products, the
countryside pasture, the river, the valley, the snow-capped mountain, and the glacier, as well as the
ancient religious relics, and the unique custom, all have made it an unsophisticated and magnificent
painting. There are abundant types of flora. The vegetation presents vertical distribution along with the
change of elevation. The cultural sites include: Yombulagang, the earliest palace in Tibet; Samyae
Monastery, the first monastery in Tibet; Changzhug Monastery, the earliest Buddhist hall in Tibet, and
the tombs of Tibetan Kings.

Samyae Monastery
Samyae Monastery

The monastery is situated on the north bank of Yarlung Zangbo River in Chanang County, Lhoka, and
was built in 779. It is the first temple where the Buddhist followers in Tibet were tonsured to become
monks. The buildings are imposing, with unique architectural style .There are many statues, painted
murals, and precious cultural relics.

Yamzho Yumco LakeYamzho Yumco Lake

Yamzho Yumco Lake, like a huge blue diamond sparkling in the mountains, lies in Nanggarze County,
Lhoka. It covers an area of 800 square kilometers, with the depth of 30-40 meters. Its surface rises
4,400 meters above sea level. Stout and strong cattle and sheep eating by the lake, and various water
birds hovering above the lake, it is really a scenic beauty. There is the world-famous high elevation power station-Yumco Power Station. The only residence of female Living Buddha in Tibet, Samding Monastery, is located to the south of the lake.


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