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Xigaze Region


Mount Everest, which always attracts worldwide attention, is located in the south of Xigaze. The giant copper Qamba Buddha in the Trashilhunpo
Monastery is attracting numerous travelers. There are ancient temples around Xigaze too, such as Sagya Monastery, Palkor Monastery, Xalu
Monastery, etc.

Mount Everest/Mt. Qomolangma
Mt. QomolangmaMount Everest
Mt. Qomolangma, located in Tingri County at Sino-Nepal
frontier and rising 8,844.43 meters above sea level, is the
highest peak in the world. There are four peaks of more than
8,000 meters, and 38 peaks of more than 7,000meters
around Mt. Qomolangma within 5,000 square kilometers.
The Rongbuk Monastery, situated at the foot of the peak, is
the temple with the highest elevation in the world. It is only
40 km away from the peak, so it becomes the Base Camp
for climbing up Mt. Qomolangma from the northern slope.
There are 217 glaciers distributing widely along the northern slope; among them the biggest is called Rongbuk Glacier.

Trashilhunpo Monastery
Trashilhunpo Monastery

Situated at the foot of Nyimari Mountain near the suburbs of Lhasa, the monastery was built in 1447
by the 1st Dalai Lama Gendun Zhuba, Trashilhunpo’s disciple. After experiencing the restoration
and expansion by the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Panchens, it has had present scale, and become the
residence of generations of Panchens. The world-highest gold-plating copper statue of seating
Qamba Buddha is worshipped in the monastery.

Palkor Monastery
Palkor Monastery

The monastery is situated at the western end of Changge Hill in Gyangze County, and was built in
1414. Its 17 Dratsang (Tantric School) separately belong to three sects, namely, Sagya, Gedain, and
Gelug. Gathering varied religious sects into one temple is the remarkable feature of the Palkor
Monastery. The main building is called Coqen Hall, and the Palkor Pagoda beside the Palkor Temple
is an extremely gorgeous construction.

Xalu Monastery
Xalu Monastery

Xalu Monastery is located 30 km southeast Xigaze City, and was built in 1000.The temple is rare
because it is a perfect combination of Han and Tibetan architectural style. The treasure handed down
from ancient times includes: the plate of Buddhist Sutra made up of several sandalwood pieces, and
a jar filled with the holy water. The painted murals in the temple are unusual art treasures in Tibetan

Sakya Monastery
Sakya Monastery

Sakya Monastery is situated 160 km to the west of Xigaze City. It’s divided into the north and the south
temples. The north temple was built in 1079, and it is desert now. The south temple was built in 1268,
and keeps massive historical relics. There are very precious painted murals reflecting the historical
events. The vast collection of books in Sakya Monastery is amazing, including not only Kanjur, Tanjur,
and Pattra-leaf Sutra written by golden and cinnabar ink, but also ten thousands volumes of book
reservation on astronomy, geography, history, medicine, literature, etc.


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