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Amdo county lies at the foot of Tangula
Mountain in north Tibet. With a total area of
26,017 square kilometers, Amdo hosts a
population of 29,000 in 127 villages of 16
towns in 1 district.

Amdo means the bottom in Tibetan language.
Before the Democratic Reform in Tibet, there
were four tribes ruled by a leader. After the
Tibet Democratic Reform in 1959, Amdo
belongs to Nagqu Prefecture.

Highland and mountain cover the main part
of Amdo. From west to east, different
mountains stand in this area. In north, there
stand Tangula Mountain, Ke Ke Xi Li Mountain
and Zu Er Keng Wu La Mountain; in the central
part, there towers the Tuo Er Jiu Mountain and
in south, there shoots up the Sang Ka
Mountain. There are three water systems in
Amdo, Changjiang River System, Nujiang River
System and Serling Lake System. Amdo
locates at the wet monsoon area and four seasons can hardly be distinguished.

The resources here are mentioned as the following: coal, iron, chromium, zinc, plumbum, stibium, aluminum, gold dust, platinum, silver,
precious stone, crystal stone, bowlder, lime, gesso, mica, alkali, salt and terrestrial heat.

There are also kinds of wild animals and plants living in Amdo, such as wild yak, wild donkey, yellow sheep, antelope, red deer, snow leopard,
black bear, fox, wolf, marmot, black-necked crane, white chicken, teal, swan, wild grass, snow lotus flower, dandelion and fishes.The train
passes through Amdo Station that boasts the world’s highest fresh water lake, Cuona Lake. It lies at an altitude of 4650 meters above sea level
and covers an area of 400 square kilometers. Cuona Lake is the nearest lake from the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, only a dozen meters away from
the railroad. The beautiful scenery is beyond comparison!


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