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Map of Railway

Tuotuo River

Map of Railway in TibetThe train runs southward from the northern
gateway of Hoh Xil Nature Reserve to the
southern gateway, where lies the Tuotuo River,
which is one of the three headwaters of the
Yangtze River. Viewed from the right-hand side
windows of the train, the water sources to take
shape of the Tuotuo River are merely tricklets
without momentum. Yet they amalgamate and
accumulate their force arduously all the way
from such remote areas to form the Yangtze
River. It is the mighty Yangtze River that
mothers a nation of five-thousand-year’s
civilization. 沱沱河铁路桥After crossing the
Tuotuo River, the train is heading to Tonglha
Mountain Pass.

Sourced from Ge La Dan Dong Mountain at
6,621 meters above the sea level, Tuotuo Rive
r lies in Qinghai province. Here stands the
largest bridge of Yangtze River headwaters.


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