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Xi'ning is the capital of Qinghai Province. It has
an area of 3.5 thousand square kilometers and
a population of 1.05 million.

Xi'ning lies in the Huangshui River Valley with a
lot of mountains and ravines. It has a temperate
plateau climate with an annual average
temperature of 5.7oC, and has 129 frost-free
days. Annual rainfall averages 345 millimeters.

Mineral deposits include coal, quartzite,
limestone, gypsum, and bauxite. Quartzite
reserves in Xi'ning ranks high in China. It also
has forests and pasturelands.

Industries include machinery, chemical, power,
metal making, and food processing. Xi'ning is
a major producer to make heavy machine tools,
electrolytic aluminum, and alloy steel. The chief
farm products of Xi'ning are wheat, corn, rape,
fruit, vegetables, milk and livestock.

The Lanqing and Qingzang railways and many highways converge in Xi'ning. Air routes link Xi'ning with some other major cities throughout China.
Including Beijing, Guangzhou, and Xian. Xi'ning is one of good summer resorts of China, because it is very cool in summer time. Xi'ning has
many ancient relics, including the Great Mosque, the Ta'er Lamasery, and the Beichan Temple. The special locally-made products include plush,
blankets, and carpets.


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