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“Chamdo” in Tibetan means estuary. This town lies at the conjunction of two main tributaries of the
Lancang (Mekong) River, thus getting its name. As the most important portal to Tibet, it has a superb
geographical location.

Chamdo is linked with other parts of Tibet, as well as Yunnan, Sichuan and Qinghai provinces through
several national highways and Bangdag Airport. It is regarded as the East Gate of the Tibet Autonomous
Region. The prefecture enjoys social stability, dynamic economic development, convenient transportation
and tourist facilities and good telecommunications.

Chamdo has much to boast of its long history and deep cultures. It has long been the eastern gate of Tibet. In fact, the region played an important
part historically in the ancient Tea-House Road for the trade of Tibet and central areas.

In Chamdo, There are many historical spots such as ancient monasteries, buildings, steles, villages and workshops, which can be dated back
to ancient times. And it is also rich in natural scenery, forests, farmlands, grasslands, which are the habitats of many rare and valuable plants
and wild animals.

ChamdoChamdo is inhabited by as many as 21 ethnic groups of Han, Tibetan, Hui, Naxi and others. Minority
groups comprise about 98% of the whole population, and provide an attractive characteristic of the
region. They celebrate festivals almost every month, such as Tibetan New Year, Butter Lamp Festival,
Bathing Festival, and the Horse Racing Festival. During these times they wear fancy costumes and
jewelry and join together in colorful activities, which are really exciting to see.

There are many villages which specialized in painting, woodcarving, spinning and weaving, and making
gold and silver objects. What's more, Chamdo is also famous for its handicrafts and carvings dating
back to ancient times.

The time between late spring and early summer, and early autumn would be the best times to visit Chamdo.



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