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Gyantse is a small town south west of Lhasa, lies about 90 kilometers to the west of Yamzhog Yomco
Lake. This small agricultural town is at 3500 meters above sea level.

Gyantse is often called a “Heroic City” as a stronghold in the fight against British aggression at the turn
of the last century.

Gyantse’s central position at the junction of the roads from India and Bhutan with those from Kadakh and
Central Asia leading to Lhasa makes it a considerable distributing trade centre.
Gyantse’s market is the third largest in Tibet, coming after Lhasa and Xigatse, and is especially celebrated for its woolen cloth and carpet
manufactures. Here caravans come from Ladakh, Nepal and upper Tibet, bringing gold, borax, salt, wool, musk and furs, to exchange for ta,
tobacco, sugar, cotton goods, broadcloth and hardware.

Gyantse is known because of its Dzong (a fortress or an administrative building usually located on a hill top), and the monastery called the
Pelkor Chode.

The Gyantse DzongThe Gyantse Dzong is Gyantse's town fort sitting upon a flat hill just north of the town center. The fort
building rests strong and magnificent on the hill, but from various angles seems to be perched rather
precariously over sharp cliffs. Wherever you are in Gyantse, the Dzong can be seen.
And the Pelkor Chode Monastery, is a huge temple with a unique history and a wealth of Buddhist art.
The Monastery was founded in 1418. Originally the compound housed approximately 15 different
monasteries, made up of three different sects in a rare instance of tolerance amongst the Tibetan
orders of Buddhism.

Horse race and archery are generally popular in Tibet, and Gyantse enjoys prestige of being the earliest
in history by starting in 1408. Contests in early times included horse race, archery, and shooting on gallop followed by a few days' entertainment
or picnicking. Presently ball games, track and field events, folk songs and dances, barter trade are in addition to the above.

Gyantse is an attractive, relaxed town, despite the rapidly expanding Chinese section of town, it has retained a pleasant, laid-back air.



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