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Lake Manasarova

The Manasarova lake is situated 30km southeast of Mt. Holy.
The altitude of the lake is about 4,588 meters, making it one of the highest fresh water lakes in the world,
the water is very limpid and bright.

Lake Manasarova has an area of 400 square kilometer, walking around the lake has ceremonial value for
the Tibetan and always follows clockwise.

Rippling blue water and reflections of snow caped peaks and white clouds present beautiful scenery that is almost indescribable. Nine
monasteries were once set up around the holy lake to facilitate religious cultivation.

The lake is a holy lake to Buddhism, Hinduism and the local Bon faith. Countless of Buddhist, Hindus and Bonists pilgrims trek thousands of
miles to pay their pilgrimage to the holy lake.
The Buddhists believe that the lake is the bestowal from the heaven. The holy water can cure a kinds of diseases, wash people clean and get
rid of peoples worries. After walking around the lake and taking baths at the Four Bathing Gates, the pilgrims can be free from sins and be
bestowed happiness. Even plants and fish that are somehow related to the lake are deemed as magical medicines.
The great monk Xuan Zhuang praised it “the Holy Lake in the West Heaven”.

Lake ManasarovaPilgrims turning prayer wheels, circumambulate the lake to show their piety.
And every summer, pilgrims from Tibet, India and Nepal cluster to make circumambulation and bathe
in the lake. After, they will return home and bring samples of the holy water to family and friend as
precious gifts.

In fine days, bluish water, glistening waves, reflections of clouds and snow-capped mountains form a
spectacular picture which make you won’t want to leave and will, surely, never forget.



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