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Ngari is known as the "roof of the roof of the world" and the most "Tibetan" part of Tibet. It is situated in
the western region of Tibet. This is the land of the Himalayas with great snowcapped mountains, lakes,
grasslands and lots of space.

Because Ngari’s general terrain is high in the north and south and low in the middle. Ngari has therefore
been described as “on the roof of the world and at the head of waters”. Here, there are rolling mountains
and vast stretches of field. Lakes dot the vast territory.

As with most Tibetan regions, there are many natural and historic sites of interest located here. The most important of these sights is Mt.
Kailash, Lake Manasarova, the Guge Ruins and the Toding Temple. These are some of the holiest sights in Tibet and are imminently important
in the religious lives of the Tibetan people.

NgariNgari has the advantages of vast stretches of territory and affluent resources. It has abundant reserves
of boron, and the proven reserves of quality salt lake deposits reach 970,000 tons. The unique and
fantastic landscape and culture of Ngari strongly appeal to the increasing number of domestic and
overseas tourists.

In the meantime, Ngari has quickened its pace in studying the use of solar energy. The development
and utilization of such clean energy has not only protected the ecological environment of Ngari but also
makes people realize that humans and nature can live harmoniously at a higher level.

The best time to go to Ngari is about May, June, and from mid-September to early October. Because those times the climates is mild, good
fortraveling there.


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