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Ruins of Guge Kingdom

Ruins of Guge Kingdom is located in the Ngari Region, Tibet Autonomous Region.

Established in about the 10th century, the Guge Kingdom was founded by one branch of descendants of
a nearby crumbled kingdom, it was ruled by about 16 kings with armies of tens of thousands of soldiers
during the over 700 years in which it flourished.
During its lifetime the Guge Kingdom played an important part in the economic and cultural development
of Tibet. But at last, the Guge Kingdom was destroyed by internal disorder and invasion from the outside.

The Ruins of Guge Kingdom now extend around the sides of a mountain more than 300m, cover an area of 720,000 square meters.
Explorers have found over 400 rooms and 800 caves here, as well as some houses, pagodas and all kinds of burial places. And the ruins are
surrounded by a city wall and a fortress marks each of the corners.

Ruins of Guge KingdomLarge-scale of archeological work began in 1985. in the following years of the excavation, a lot of
sculpture works and mural paintings were found out. Most of the sculptures are gold or silver Buddhist
statues, and the murals are preserved in good condition, although they are hundreds of years old.

Although the Guge, through its hardship in history, has lost its prosperity and graceful manner, its
appearance is still imposing. It leaves a valuable history and numerous legends.

“Guge” seems to be an encyclopedia, with a long history, deeply-rooted culture, mystic legends and
many unfathomable enigmas. The ruins of the Guge Kingdom, standing on the desolate land, silently
relate the history and give forth the light of art.

The Guge Kingdom played a very important role in the development of Tibet’s civilization. It attracts increasingly more visitors and researchers
each year either in the hope of appreciation or study.


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