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Tsedang sits on the south bank in the middle section of the YarlungTsangbo River with a moderate
climate at an altitude of 3,600 meters.

The mild weather and fertile land in Shannan gestated the great Tibet dynasty.
Tsedang is the birthplace of earliest Tibetans who were said to be the offspring of a monkey and a
demoness, so Tsedang literally means “monkey’s playground”.

Here’s a legend . People said that genius had lived here long before human being resided in Tibet. After
the Gods of the genius got married, they had six sons who became the ancestors of the six tribes of Tibet respectively. Tsedang is the hometown
of tribes and an important place of origin of the Tibetan culture.

Tsedang has several No.1-- the first farming land, the first king of Tibet, the first palace (Yumbulakang), the first monastery in Tibet (Samye

TsedangYumbulakang, Tibet’s first palace, is the royal palace of Nyatri Tsanpo, the first Tsanpo of the Yarlung
Valley, and stands looking like a tent pitched on the summit of a hill, narrow at the top and broad at the
bottom. The alls are still standing, and the windows still in evidence.
Samye Monastery, is the first temple to be built in Tibet and the first complete with the three Buddhist
jewels of Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. It is renowned for the characteristic art of its buildings and the
vivid murals as well as other ancient relics stored within them.

There also have several kings tombs here: the world treasure-Pearl Tangka (A type of painting) was
also and is still kept in Changdrok monastery.

As the center of Shannan and the birthplace of earliest Tibetans, Tsedang attract more and more tourists from home and abroad.



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