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Located in the basin on the foot of Mt. Nyainqentanglha, 87 kilometer north of Lhasa, Yangpachen is
famous with its hot springs. It is the highest-altitude hot springs in the world.

Yangpachen lies on a high and cold plateau, and covers an area of more than 7, 000 square meters,
visitors will be amazed by special wonders here, you will see some hot springs blowing out steam rising
up to sky.

While the surrounding area was barren and extremely cold, Yangpachen is green with grass and
highland barley growing abundantly.

The water temperature of some springs is so high that it will even cook fish. Visitors can also put eggs, noodles into the springs and enjoy the
delicious food.
There is a fountain spurting liquor of alkali; a spring tastes like vinegar; a hot lake as big as 20 basketball courts; and even a ravine full of crystal
Visitor can also swim in some pools to relax and cure many ailments. It is a wonderful enjoyment to take a bath in the high-quality hot springs.

YangpachenYangbachen owns not only common hot springs and fountains, but also various geysers, boiling
springs, and hot-water lakes, which is rare in the world.

The most beautiful time is the early morning at Yangpachen, because the cool air is always infused
with the misty white vapors emanating from the hot springs. Its natural wonders and picturesque
scenery attracts more and more tourists every year.




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