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Train Station

Train Station

Tanggula Mt.The Qinghai-Tibet railway passes through
many famous tourist attractions spots (both
nationally and internationally) such as Tso
Ngonpo Lake, Donyi ka Mountains, Kunlun
Mountains, Keke Xili (hoh Xil), and the sources
of three famous rivers. It is a mysterious and
wonderful tourist route. This line integrates
gorgeous scenery, such as desert stretching to
the horizon, lofty mountains covered with snow,
and extensive grassland. There is also the
habitat of wild animals the Mt. Hoh Xil and
Changtang natural reserve areas. The scenery
around the sources of Yangtze River and Yellow
River is also remarkable.

Famous scenic spots including Tar'er
Lamasery, Sun and Moon Mountain, Qinghai
Lake, Sanjiangyuan – the starting point of the
Yangtze, Yellow and Lancang rivers, the Qarhan
Salt Bridge, the Summer Snow on the Kunlun
Mountain, Yaochi, Hoh Xil, Yangbajing, Lake
Namco and the Potala Palace are sure to enjoy increased visitor numbers.


Lhasa Railway Station (拉萨)
Lhasa South Railway Station (拉萨南)
Baide Railway Station (白德)
Xierong Railway Station (协荣)
Qushui County Railway Station (曲水县)
Chabala Railway Station (茶巴拉)
Nyemo Railway Station (尼木)
Karu Railway Station (卡如)
Rinbung Railway Station (仁布)
Dazhuka Railway Station (大竹卡)
Denggu Railway Station (灯古)
Jiqiong Railway Station (吉琼)
Kadui Railway Station (卡堆)
Shigatse Railway Station (日喀则)


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