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Tibet is also called ocean of song and dance. Tibetan people boast of their rich ethnic songs and dances. In addition to the large-scale song and
dance dramas, Nangma halls in all areas in Tibet where the ethnic songs and dances are performed, where are good entertaining places to go
for local people and domestic and international tourists. Besides many kinds of festivals, and traditional cultural palaces, there are also many
cafes, water bar, oxygen bar and Tibetan food bards, offering kinds of entertainment.  
Lhasa, the "Sunlight City", is becoming an "All Night City" with a colorful nightlife emerging in recent years. In daytime, you could enjoy the clear
sunshine sipping a cup of Su butter tea on the exotic streets. In the night, you can drink beer and enjoy traditional Tibetan performance by
professional and amateur artists.

Travel TibetSome famous bars in Lhasa

Makye Ami Restaurant: No.1, East Barkhor Street, Lhasa; Tel: 0891-6324455

Happy Garden Nightclub: No.1, Duosenge Road, Lhasa; Tel: 0891-6338482

Black and White Prince Nightclub: Duosenge Road, Lhasa; Tel: 0891-6331210

Barkhor Coffee Room: South of the Jokhang Temple Square, Lhasa; Tel: 6326982

Niwei Recreation City: Opposite Youth Mansion, North Linkhor Road, Lhasa; Tel: 0891-6325806

Salon Nightclub: Near Lhasa Military Branch Region, Middle Beijing Road, Lhasa; Tel: 0891-6821067

Musical Kitchen East Beijing Road, Lhasa; Tel: 0891-6812980

Sunshine City Nightclub: Duosenge Road, Lhasa; Tel: 0891-6323834

Ganglamedo Bar & Restaurant: No. 127, Beijing East Road, Lhada; Tel: 0891-6333657

Bar Street: opposite to Lhasa Hotel on the National Middle Road, Lhasa


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