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The famous shops


1.Barkhor Street Bazar Inside Barkhor Street,

Lhasa Religious equipments, dresses, shoes, hats etc.

2. Tibetan Medicine Monopoly of the Tibet Medicine College

North section of the Jokhang Temple Square,Lhasa

All kinds of Tibetan ready-made medicines.

3. Tibet Sera Carpet Factory Sera Monastery,Sera Road,Lhasa Carpets

4. National Trade Store To the right of the Jokhang Temple Square, Lhasa National handicrafts,dress and personal adornments etc.

5. Saikhang Mansion At the jucture of Youth Road and Beijing Road, Lhasa Articles for daily use,family-use electric apliances etc.

Tibet TravelDespite of enjoying Tibet's fantastic sights, shopping is another great choice. The great charm of the
local culture, religion, art and folklore has made Tibet great place for picking up spectacular souvenirs.

There are department stores, mostly on Yuthok Lu that will supply your everyday needs. Lhasa
Department Store, a general department store, is located on the west end of Yuthok Lu. It is the largest
and best known department store in Lhasa. It sells such practical items as cotton clothing, mugs,
canned food, towels, and toothpaste, plus local handicrafts. There are also supermarkets in Lhasa.

Barkhor is the best and more traditional market in Lhasa and is a must for every tourist. Tourist can find
lots of odd and fascinating stuff, for religious and secular uses. Small shops and stalls on the street sell
a variety of items like prayers flags, Buddha figures, conch-shell trumpets, rosaries, amulets, fur hats,
horse bells, bridles, copper teapots, wooden bowl, inlaid knives and jewelry
inlaid with turquoise and other gems. A curious seeker can find temple bells, conch-shell trumpets, rosaries, prayer
wheels, amulets and a variety of jewelry made of turquoise, coral and silver. Most of the prayer wheels, bracelets,
necklaces and other small items are made by Tibetans in Nepal and India. A useful item is a wooden tea cup, with
or without a lining of beaten silver. Tourists should carefully examine jewelry for quality. While much jewelry of
excellent quality is available, some is coarsely done and is of poor quality. The most interesting thing to shop in
Barkhor is that you can bargain with local people and may buy nice things in a lower price. Just cut the price by 50
percent. Shopping along the street accompanied by hundreds of pilgrims prostrating will be a thrilling experience.
Tibet carpet and tent can be bought at Lhasa Carpet Factory and Lhasa Tent and Banner Factory respectively.

Exotic Tibetan opera masks and costumes are interesting items to buy. Bright and beautiful homespun Tibetan rugs
and Tibetan khaddar are also popular souvenirs. Tourists can easily find things which are of individuality and appeal
to them.

In Xigatse, Tsedang and Gyantze, there are quite a few markets displaying these crafts. If time permits, tourists can
visit gold factories, witnessing the whole process of production, or watching a piece of handicraft made according to
your own specifications.

Tibet MedicalThere are three Xinhua bookstores in Lhasa. One is on Yuthok Lu, another on east Barkhor. The third
one is on Beijing Zhong Lu, west of Tibet Hotel. They sell maps of Lhasa, Tibetan primers, Tibetan-
Chinese dictionaries, and Tibetan and Chinese books. There is also a bookshop that carries Tibetan
literature on north Barkhor.

Finally, don't forget the other special Tibetan "commodity",-- Tibetan medicine. It has been enjoying an
increase in fame due to its somehow magical effect on some hard-to-cure diseases. Rannasangpei
(also known as "pearl 70") and changjue are perhaps the best examples.


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