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How to Avoid Biting Cold in Beijing

(2016-01-02 17:18:30)

According to scientists, this weekend will be the coldest weekend ever in later 1,000
years. Then you can imagine how cold it is outside. So, what can we do to keep warm
in this biting cold? Here are some tips for you.

1. Stay Indoors. The heating installations in the room will keep you in warmth. Do drink
more water when you stay in a heating room for that you may experience a water loss.

2. Thick clothes. Put on your down jackets when you’re out. It may not look as beautiful
as your wind coat but it does better under cold weather like recent times.

3. Scarfs and cotton Masks. Your neck and face are the two parts of your body that
always exposed to the cold weather, so it is really important to protect them from the
chilling wind.

4. Hat and Gloves. Many people are suffered from headache when they entered
warms rooms from cold weather. To avoid that, the only thing you can do is wear a
cotton hat when you going outside. The gloves are also a necessary to avoid frozen

What’s more, having some hot soup or drinking some hot water are also helpful.




by:Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development




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