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(2016-03-15 08:12:21)

A new website will make sure you can fill out your application and send it off to the visa
office. Then, you will be able to book an ‘appointment’ and bring all your documents
(including the printed out online form with barcodes) to No. 2 Andingmen Dongdajie to
hand them all in!

It seems as though things are looking up for all those that can’t seem to part with
China. On Sunday, a new rule also came in effect that allows foreigners to come to
China before getting the visa in their home country. This is limited to those that are
traveling for “emergency” reasons but they would be able to apply with an application
online and then, magically, get their visa upon arrival.

Rules are also shaping in favor of foreigners who are part of a Chinese family
(spouses, spouse’s children, spouse’s parents or even spouses of children). Their
residence permits are now two years and can also be renewed here.

The longer visas (up to 10-year multiple entry) will also be given to tech experts and
other “talents”. For example, Nobel Prize winners - we guess those years of hard work
have to pay off sometime right?

So goodbye long queues and hello digital world!

Source: www.cityweekend.com





by:Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development




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