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(2016-06-02 09:11:21)

China Post is the official postal service in China, offering both domestic and
international mail and parcel services. With the rapid development of online shopping
and international trade, more and more parcels and packages are transported by post
from China to the whole world. Here, TCG introduces the international parcel services
of China Post.

A parcel is usually delivered through the following three transport means:

AIR: a parcel is transported by air directly and received in 7 – 15 working days. It is fast
and safe, but expensive.

SAL: short for Surface Air Lifted. Ships, buses, and trains are used within the sending
and receiving countries, but air transport is used between countries. Land and sea
transport are used if there are no flights. Usually it takes 15 – 20 working days. The
cost is lower than air mail.





by:Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development




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