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Chinese Tourists Are Endowed With Visa-Free Travel to Ecuador


(2016-08-19 08:12:56)

According to Chinese Foreign Ministry, Ecuador announced visa-free access to
Chinese tourists with normal passport yesterday and Tonga followed Ecuador at
today. Up to now, Chinese Tourists are endowed with visa-free travel to 57 countries
in the world.

Based on data, there are bidirectional visa-free countries for Chinese including HP's
republic, Mauritius, Seychelles, Fiji, Grenada, the Bahamas, Ecuador and kingdom of
Tonga. Chinese tourists can enjoy a visa-free for entry, exit and transit in these
countries less than 30 days except Ecuador. Ecuador is one of the new countries that
endowed Chinese tourists. Chinese tourists can enjoy a visa free tour within 90 days
a year.

The countries that allow Chinese tourists with a single way visa-free travel including
13 countries, including the hot spots Indonesia and South Korean. These countries
are in different continents: 2 in Africa, 3 in Oceania, 6 in America, other are in Asia.







by:Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development




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