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Best Way to Get From Beijing to Tianjin Port/Cruise Terminal Transportation


(2016-11-18 02:02:56)

Tianjin Port is 170 km southeast of Beijing, and 180 km from Beijing Capital Airport. It is at best 2½ hours’ drive from the center of Beijing. It is quite convenient to get to Tianjin Cruise Port from Beijing by bullet train and taxi. However the best way is, in many cases (especially for larger groups), to take a China Highlights private transfer.

China Highlights Beijing to Tianjin Cruise Port Transfers—Hassle Free

China Highlights offers private transfers from Beijing (hotels, Capital Airport, railway stations) to Tianjin Port. Your private guide will pick you up and escort you to the port.

If you want to share the cost with other travelers, we also offer group transfers. Tell our travel advisers your requirements, and they will help you find a group that you can join, if you are not already a large enough group.

Beijing to Tianjin Cruise Port by Taxi

A taxi may cost 500+ yuan, and takes around 3 hours, which is similar to our private transfer service.

Taxi Alternatives from Hotels / Downtown Beijing

Alternatively, take a taxi from your hotel to Beijing South Railway Station, and then take a bullet train to Tianjin, and a taxi to the port. See below.

Taxi Alternatives from Beijing Capital International Airport

You could take the Airport Express and Beijing Metro to Beijing South for a bullet train journey (see below).

You could also take the airport shuttle bus from the airport to Tianjin (probably the cheapest option). The airport bus will stop at Tianjin Binhai Bus Station (滨海客运总站 Bīnhǎi Kèyùn Zǒngzhàn) after about 3 hours. Tianjin Port is 34 km from Binhai Bus Station, about a 50-minute drive by taxi.

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