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Beidaihe Brid Watching Tour 4 days

Beijing - Beidaihe - Beijing ( 4 days )

Places to watch birds :

River mouth (such as Daihe river, Yanghe river, Dapuhe river), Chitushan hill, Geziwo (Pigeon nest), Lianfengshan hill, Qilihai, Happy Island, Shanhaiguan pass, Laoling (old summit).

Time to watch birds :

General, needs about 3-10days for birding. The best birding time is from late April to middle May; better in middle and late Oct for another peak for bird migrating; and from late Aug to Sep for migrating birds of middle & small size; in Mar and Nov cranes migrating.

Better time to watch birds: Mar-Jun and Sep-Nov

Jan: not many as resident birds watched.

Feb: Anser fabalis (Bean Goose) fly in the sky.

Mar: Winter birds start to leave; Gooses, cranes etc migrating via Beidaihe.

Apr: Chirping birds.

Late Apr-Earlier May: Peak time for migrating birds such as Oriolus chinensis (lack-naped orioleb), Phylloscopus etc.

Jun: Breeding time for some birds.

Jul-Aug: Charadriiformes.

Sep-Oct: Another peak for birds migrating. Circus melanoleucos (Pied Harrier) migrating better from 09:00 to 11:00 in the morning.

Nov: Peak time to watch cranes etc.

Dec: Resident birds.


Day 1 Arrive in Beijing - Beidaihe (D) Train / Bus

Arrive in Beijing, then take train or express bus (about 3 hours) to Beidaihe, stay overnight in Beidaihe (Qinghuangdao).

Day 2 Beidaihe (B-L-D) Birding

Bird watching in Lianfeng Hill and Yanghekou, stay overnight in Beidaihe.

Bird watching

Bird watching

Day 3 Beidaihe (B-L-D) Birding

Birding in Shanhaiguan (Shanhai) Pass Great Wall, stay overnight in Beidaihe.

Day 4 Beidaihe - Beijing (B-L-D) Train

City birding in Beidaihe, then take train or express bus back to Beijing. TOUR ENDS!