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Beijing Brid Watching Tour

Beijing - Yanqing - Xiaolongmen - Beijing ( 6 days )

Places to watch birds :

River mouth (such as Daihe river, Yanghe river, Dapuhe river), Chitushan hill, Geziwo (Pigeon nest), Lianfengshan hill, Qilihai, Happy Island, Shanhaiguan pass, Laoling (old summit).

Time to watch birds :

General, needs about 3-10days for birding. The best birding time is from late April to middle May; better in middle and late Oct for another peak for bird migrating; and from late Aug to Sep for migrating birds of middle & small size; in Mar and Nov cranes migrating.

Better time to watch birds: Mar-Jun and Sep-Nov

Jan: not many as resident birds watched.

Feb: Anser fabalis (Bean Goose) fly in the sky.

Mar: Winter birds start to leave; Gooses, cranes etc migrating via Beidaihe.

Apr: Chirping birds.

Late Apr-Earlier May: Peak time for migrating birds such as Oriolus chinensis (lack-naped orioleb), Phylloscopus etc.

Jun: Breeding time for some birds.

Jul-Aug: Charadriiformes.

Sep-Oct: Another peak for birds migrating. Circus melanoleucos (Pied Harrier) migrating better from 09:00 to 11:00 in the morning.

Nov: Peak time to watch cranes etc.

Dec: Resident birds.


Day 1 Arrive in Beijing (D)

Arrival Beijng, transfer to Hotel in Beijing, overnight.

Day 2 Beijing (B-L-D) Birding

Visit the enchanting Summer Palace, one of China’s largest and best-preserved royal gardens, where you can have a walk along the famous Long Corridor. In the afternoon, you will visit the Tiantan Park(Temple of Heaven), the place where the emperors of Ming and Qing Dynasties worshipped heaven and prayed for good harvest. A Peking Duck Dinner concludes your first full day activities in China.

Summer Palace You can see more than 20 kinds of birds such as spotted-necked doves, pond heron, night heron, wild ducks, woodpeckers and red-billed blue magpie in Summer Palace. Summer Palace is home to more birds than any other park in Beijing. If you have the entire day, you can go into the park through Liulangzhuang Gate and walk alongside the lake westward or northward in the morning, and walk eastward from Ruyi Gate at noon to the back hill. If you only have a half day, you can go inside from Ruyi Gate to the west causeway and later go to the back hill. The best places for birding are the west bank and northern part of the west causeway, as well as the east side of the back hill.

Tiantan Park(Temple of Heaven) Tiantan Park(Temple of Heaven) is a famous place for birdwatching in Beijing. Here is home to 90 kinds of birds in 31 categories. Among them, there are 10 species under second class state protection, and 12 kinds of under first class Beijing protection. The characteristic birds are swifts,Little Egrets, White-waist swifts and Dollarbirds.

Grey-headed woodpecker

Grey-headed woodpecker

Red-billed blue magpie

Red-billed blue magpie

Day 3 Beijing - Yanqing (B-L-D) Birding

Today's highlight is the visit of the Great Wall, one of the “Seven Wonders of the World” and a symbol of Chinese civilization, Then,tour to Wild Duck Lake with bus. Transfer to Huairou. Overnight in Green Lake Hotel

Wild Duck LakeWild Duck Lake in Yanqing Beijing Wild Duck Lake is the largest wetland bird nature preserve in north China, Located at the northwest of Yanqing County,with more than 1.55 million square meters of water. Now, it has become an ideal transit habitat for migratory birds. There are more than 160 kinds of birds under first and second class state protection in 43 categories: including golden eagles, buzzards, grey cranes and whooping swans.

Wild Duck Lake

Wild Duck Lake

Day 4 Yanqing - Xiaolongmen (B-L-D) Birding

Tour to Baihe Valley with bus. Transfer to Xiao Long men National Forest Park,in the afternoon. Overnight in Xiao Long Men

Day 5 Xiaolongmen - Beijing (B-L-D) Birding

Xiao Long Men, watch the bird. Bus transfer back to Beijing. Overnight

Xiao Long Men, watch the bird

Xiao Long Men Watching the bird

Day 6 Return from Beijing (B-L-D)

Transfer to airport, TOUR ENDS!