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Shenyang-Dandong-Lvshun-Dalian Brid Watching Tour

Shenyang-Dandong-Lvshun-Dalian ( 8 days )

This tour starts from Shenyang, birding at the wetland of Huanzidong Reservoir; then, drive to Dandong, birding at Yalu River Mouth area; then, drive to Lvshun, located at Bohai Sea Bay where is an important "rest stop" for hundreds of thousands of migratory waterbirds in eastern China.


Day 1 Arrive in Shenyang (D)

Arrive in Shenyang in the morning, the capital of Liaoning Province. Drive 1.5 hours to Huanzidong Reservoir for birding, located northwest of Shenyang. Stay overnight in Zhangwu Town.

Huanzidong Reservoir: Huanzidong Reservoir, located northwest of Shenyang, the capital of Liaoning Province, is an important “rest stops” for hundreds of thousands of migratory waterbirds in eastern China. Huanzaidong Reservoir has area of 18,000 mu and the wetland is 3,000 mu. Every year, more than 50,000 birds flock size at the migration stopover site in Huanzidong Reservoir, then leave from here to continue their southern migration. Among them, about 20 are rare species, such as Siberian Crane, Oriental White Stork, and so on.

Huanzidong Reservoir Birding

Huanzidong Reservoir Birding

Day 2 Huanzidong Reservoir (B-L-D) Birding

Bird watching at Huanzidong Reservoir. Have lunch at Xiushuihe County. Stay overnight in Zhangwu Town.

Day 3 Huanzidong Reservoir-Dandong (B-L-D) Birding

Bird watching at Huanzidong Reservoir. Have lunch at Xiushuihe County. After lunch, drive to Dandong (takes about 4 hours), then check-in the hotel after dinner.

Day 4 Dandong - Yalu River - Dandong (B-L-D) Birding

Today’s highlight is the birding at some shrimp ponds en route and Yalu River Mouth Wetlands. Stay overnight in Dandong.

Yalu River: Yalu River, its Chinese name from a Manchu word meaning “the boundary between tow fields”, is shared by two nations, China and North Korea, which is the biggest attraction of Dandong City. Yalu River Mouth National Reserve, typed as intertidal flats, shrimp ponds and reed beds, is East Asia-Australian Shorebird Network Site. It stretches from Yalu River Mouth in the east to the border of Dandong and Zhuanghe in the west. With wild reed beds, here inhabit 344 species plants and 465 specials animals, and birds is more than 240 species. Some rare species are Saunder's Cull, Black-faced Spoonbill and etc. Yalu River Mouth Nature Reserve, 8km away from city center, is known as the world’s largest concentration area of bird populations, and one of the three most ideal bird-watching sites, comparable with Miranda Wetland Nature Reserve of New Zealand and coastal area of Canada.

Yalu River Birding

Yalu River Birding

Day 5 Dandong - Zhuanghe - Lvshun (B-L-D) Bus

Drive to Dalian (2.5 hours), en route birding in Zhuang River Mouth, Zhuanghe is one of the three county-level cities under the administration of Dalian. Stay overnight in Lvshun.

Day 6 Lvshun (B-L-D) Birding

Drive to Lvshun (1.5 hours), and birding at Laotieshan Mountain Nature Reserve. In the afternoon, drive to Laotieshan Lighthouse for birding. Stay overnight in Lvshun.

Snakes Island and Laotieshan Nature Reserve: Covering a total area of 17,000 hectares, the Reserve is located in Lvshunkou District of Dalian City in Liaoning Province, and is mainly made up of the Snakes Island and Laotieshan Mountain. Its main protection targets are Pallas pit vipers, migratory birds and habitats of those species. Snakes Island is an ideal reproduction spot for Pallas pit vipers, with nearly 20,000 Pallas pit vipers on it. Laotieshan Mountain is one of the main passages for migratory birds from Northeast Asia. In September and October every year, millions of migratory birds of over 200 species fly to the Laotieshan Nature Reserve and take a one-month rest before flying further south. These include nationally protected wildlife like red-crown cranes, swans and mandarin duck.

Jiaoshan Great Wall

Jiaoshan Great Wall

Day 7 Lvshun (B-L-D) Birding

Drive to Snakes Island (the best time is in Middle May) for birds and snakes watching. Have box lunch on the island. Stay overnight in Lvshun.

Day 8 Lvshun - (B)

Bird watching on Laotieshan Mountain. Take an afternoon flight back home.